Newly established businesses have a lot of tasks to deal with as they get on their feet. In the scrum of organizing their operations, getting personnel in place, and perfecting their product and distribution, important things often get left by the wayside. Important things like establishing a brand. While some startups are able to get in motion without devoting any resources to marketing, the vast majority of new companies must devote some resources to advertising and promotion if they want to have a chance at surviving past their first few months. Here are six reasons your new company should speak with a marketing agency. 

Marketing Agencies Can Perfect Your Pitch

As a new company, you’ll spend a lot of time telling your story—to customers, to the press, and particularly to potential investors. A marketing agency will understand how to shape your core story into something compelling and intriguing, which is important for getting people to trust you. A good pitch will not only sell customers on your product, it’ll make your company so enthralling that investors will want to get on board just to be a part of the narrative. 

Marketing Agencies Have Connections

A major obstacle to getting ahead as a fledgling business is the insular nature of most industries. People are automatically hostile toward new companies and wary of trusting inexperienced creators. But part of a marketing professional’s job is to make contacts with high-profile, influential people in every industry. Partnering with a marketing agency can be an inroad to connections that will open doors your startup otherwise wouldn’t have access to. 

An Agency Will Help Build Your Brand

A brand is something related to but separate from an actual company. Rather than being the sum of the products and services you offer, a brand is the associations that people have with your business. Building name recognition and a positive connotation for your company is one of the main objectives a marketing agency will pursue.  

A Marketing Agency Can Implement A Winning Social Media Strategy

One factor that can make or break a business in today’s world is their social media presence. Every startup worth their salt has a presence on all of the major social platforms, but there’s a big distance between merely making an account and developing an engaged following. Marketing agencies understand the work that goes into social media marketing, and they can put you on the cutting edge of this business frontier, which is increasingly the main source of sales for major companies. 

Marketing Agencies Will Find Your Target Audience

Many startups begin with an idea and blossom into something much larger, but few are planned with a specific niche of consumers in mind from the very start. Marketing agencies can perform research to learn exactly which sector of the marketplace your product or service is best suited for, and then craft campaigns to appeal to that specific slice of the population. Because an agency understands who you need to appeal to, they can also have insight into tweaks to your design or aesthetic.  

Marketing Companies Can Connect You with Influencers

Influencers are people who have a command over your target audience, usual people with a large social media following who post extensively about topics closely related to your product or service. Marketing via partnerships with influencers is one of the most popular and effective ways of building a brand these days, but connecting with influencers is easier said than done. Marketing companies understand how to select and woo influencers that will have a major impact on your profits.