Digital Marketing Strategy and Full Marketing Support

Digital Marketing Strategy and Full Marketing Support:
  • This is our most popular plan!
  • We develop a full Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business, and will Rebrand if desired.
    • This plan includes, quarterly plans, and is updated every quarter – we do this simply because Digital Marketing evolves so quickly that it is our duty to keep your business on the cutting edge.
    • Additionally, we provide your business with full monthly reports.  This includes new user acquisition, retention, and purchase rates.  We provide your data in an easy to read format, so that you can easily flip through the PDF provided, and understand your monthly results!
  • We are always completely open and honest about our results.  It is one of the assurances of this particular service.  If we should fail to generate leads for your business, then you get a free month of marketing.* 
    • We cannot promise you will see an increase in sales because even with the worlds best marketing (which you are receiving), if your product sucks the market will tell you that – so if you are making no sales now but still getting visits, it’s unlikely we will be able to increase that number unfortunately.
  • We then take over every aspect of your campaigns.  All you must do is pay for adverts.  We keep your cost AS LOW AS POSSIBLE! We also may use other mediums besides Facebook, for example, we have one client who we are running Talk Radio Adverts for currently, and they are seeing amazing results for an extremely low cost.
    • Lastly, we don’t know you, work for you, or anything else; as far as the public is concerned you are doing all of this on your own!  We need not gain any recognition for our service.  So, we abide by an extremely strict Confidentiality Policy.  All employees have signed a NDA, and the founders are willing to sign one with each client.


“We Price Each Client Based On Their Particular Needs and Desires. Therefore it is important to have a Free Consultation with Travis Martin, obtaining accurate pricing.