Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing:
  • Manage your social platforms and audiences
    • Push unique content to each platform you wish to have content sent to, and the usual amount is something similar to: 4-6 Twitter Posts Daily, 2-3 Facebook Daily, 1-2 LinkedIn Daily, 0 Yelp (we just respond to customers), 0 Google (monitor and respond accordingly), 3-4 1000 word (maximum, never exceed 1,000 words on a blog post) blog posts a month.  These are all absolutely 100% original content, written by an American, College Graduate, then Proofread by another American College Graduate, who graduated with a degree in English.
    • We can always tweak the schedule to better fit your business.  We also always try to respond to some positive reviews, not just negative reviews.  This shows an active business who cares about all customers not just unhappy ones.
  • Social Media Marketing is a skill that must be honed over years and years of practice.  This isn’t something that can be learned over a weekend.  We have the years of practice.  See our portfolio of pages we have built from the ground up with an average cost of adverts being $0.0004 per like, and now it is $0.0002 per click on most ads! Practice makes perfect…


“We Price Each Client Based On Their Particular Needs and Desires. Therefore it is important to have a Free Consultation with Travis Martin, obtaining accurate pricing.